The co-pilot for life in the dormitories

I am a tenant with the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz and can no longer pay my rent due to the crisis. What can I do?
In urgent emergency situations we can offer you the possibility of deferring your rent. This means that you pay your rent in instalments at a later date. At the moment this offer is valid for the months April to June. A repayment is possible until June 2022, regardless of the end of your rental contract.
You must justify the request for a rental deferment and provide us with evidence of your reasons. You can find the requirements and the proof you need as well as an application form here.
My bank account had insufficient funds. The rent could not be collected. What now?
In this case it is very important that you contact us immediately! The best way is to send us an email at so we know that you have already noticed. You can then transfer your rent to us as soon as possible and the matter is settled. If this happens quickly, there will be no reminder fees for the rent, only the bank return debit charges will be charged to you. We will inform you about the total amount by mail.
I have a tenancy agreement with the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz from April 1st, 2020. However, because of the current situation I do not want to move in. Is my rent due?
Yes, your rent is still due because you have signed a legally valid rental contract with the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz. Your tenancy agreement will continue to run until the end of your tenancy agreement, which is fixed in the regular way. A cancellation of the tenancy agreement is not possible.
I am a student abroad. I planned to start my studies in Germany in the summer semester 2020. I have already signed a rental contract with the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz for an apartment in a hall of residence. Currently I cannot enter Germany. Can I withdraw from the rental contract?
F]Students who come from non-EU countries[/F] for whom an entry prohibition to Germany exists due to legal regulations, can terminate their rental contract immediately and withdraw from it without incurring costs. This only applies if you have not yet started your tenancy and do not have permanent residence in Germany. You will then receive your deposit back.
Does the Corona Pandemic give rise to a claim for rent reduction?
No, due to the Corona Pandemic there is no entitlement to a reduction in rent. Since you can live in your room/apartment as a regular tenant, the rent is due as well.
Do the residents have to consider anything explicitly when it comes to the coronavirus?
In all student residences we provide information on the most important hygiene tips of the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) by using posters in two languages. We have also ordered brochures from the BZgA, which are displayed in the janitor's offices. As with all infectious diseases, the following rules of conduct apply to prevent infection:
  • Wash your hands regularly and for a sufficiently long time (at least 20 seconds) with soap and water
  • Keep your hands off your face
  • Sneeze or cough in the crook of your arm or in a handkerchief
  • Keep a distance to sick people (approx. 2 meters)
What happens in the residences if a student* is infected?
In this case we act in accordance with the specifications of the local health authority. This applies in principle to all infectious diseases that can occur in the residential complexes. All valid regulations can be found at here. Please check back regularly, as the measures are adjusted and updated from time to time.
Is there a central reporting office?
If you suspect that you are infected with coronavirus because of symptoms, contact your doctor directly by telephone or call the medical on-call service on 116117.
Persons who have had contact with a person confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 should contact their local health authority directly. This must be done in any case - regardless of the occurrence of symptoms. You can find out the local health office here by postcode .
Are there any changes to the cleaning intervals in the residential complexes?
The cleaning intervals in the student residences remain the same as before. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), the coronavirus is mainly transmitted by droplet infection. In this process, viruses are released into the air via droplets and then inhaled. A smear infection may also be possible. In this case, pathogens that are on the hands reach the mucous membranes of the nose or eyes, where they can lead to infection. Good hand hygiene is therefore very important in order to protect against infectious diseases. Transmission via inanimate surfaces has not yet been proven, so an infection seems unlikely according to the BfR. Please also make sure that you maintain very good hygiene in your apartment yourself. Disinfecting door handles and other frequently touched surfaces can already minimize the risk considerably.


The co-pilot for finances

I've lost my job. Where can I find job offers?
Look around the online job portals. They are also available especially for students and with regional reference. There are a lot of changes going on in the job market right now - in some areas demand for labour has risen massively since the corona eruption:
+ - because vegetables and fruit do not grow on supermarket shelves, so off to the field, into the fresh air!
+ you have the paramedic or similar medical background? Many communities, clinics etc. are looking for medical helpers
+ Delivery services in all industries are now more in demand than ever
+ the logistics sector needs support
+ cleaning companies, gas stations...
Where can I get financial help? Do I have to take out a loan?
We will not leave you standing in the rain! Please contact our social counselling centre under 063419179-180 or by mail Barbara Doll is there for you under this also in corona-times!

Our social counselling service knows all about the financial side of things. They know exactly which options are available at the moment and how to get them. In addition to Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) and Co., we as a student union have possibilities to help financially in cases of hardship.
Will the corona pandemic and the postponement of the summer semester 2020 have an impact on my BAföG?
No, as the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has informed us by decree, the postponement of the start of lectures has no effect on BAföG entitlement under any circumstances. Students (whether they are first-year students or already receiving support) have no reason to fear that they will not receive any money in or for April 2020. Self-study and online studies also count as study activities. It is important that the BAföG application must be submitted in April 2020 at the latest, if you have not yet received a BAföG decision for the summer semester 2020.
What else can I do if I cannot pay my health insurance, rent, mobile phone bill etc.?
If you are currently unable to make the payments, please contact your health insurance company, your landlord, your mobile phone provider, the GEZ, etc. Do not wait until the payments are reminded. Ask them to defer your payments and, if necessary, to block the reminder. If it is possible for you, you can ask if you can pay a smaller amount.
If I lose my job or am not paid my salary, am I currently entitled to government housing benefits?
Not by default. Anyone who currently has no income due to loss of job or non-payment of wages is not automatically entitled to apply for government housing benefits. The basic requirement of a BAföG refusal "on the merits" and the examination of the coverage of monthly living costs remains. In short: the eligibility requirements for housing benefit remain the same as before the corona crisis.
What should I keep in mind when considering a student loan?
Compare, compare, compare! Check the requirements for the student loan, then ask for offers and check them carefully (processing fees, interest rate and repayment modalities). It is important to check the total repayment amount of the loan in different repayment scenarios before signing the contract. In addition, you should inform yourself well about possible additional costs that might be incurred.
You could use some help? Get in touch with our social counselling centre under 06341-9179-180 or write an email to
If I lose my part-time job or my wages are not paid, am I entitled to ALG II benefits?
International students are generally not eligible for unemployment benefit II because they are not entitled to social benefits. However, in case of doubt, get in touch with our social counselling centre under 06341-9179-180 or write an email to
My parents or one of my parents are acutely affected by the Corona crisis; they have no or only a severely reduced income. Can I get higher BAföG now?
If your parents now earn less, for example because of short-time work, your chances of receiving BAföG or a higher BAföG grant are greater.

Scenario 1:
If you did not receive BAföG in the past because of parental income, but your parents now earn less, you can submit a new BAföG application at any time and have the current parental income used as a basis for updating.

Scenario 2:
If you are already receiving BAföG but your parents' income is currently lower (for example, due to short-time work), you can submit a BAföG update application and your BAföG office will check the amount of your current BAföG entitlement.

Basically, please contact your BAföG office for further questions. You are not sure and need support? Then you can also contact our social counselling office. You can reach them by mail or by phone 06341-9179-180.
Will my entitlement to educational support through my parents continue to exist now?
Yes, provided that your parents are still economically capable; otherwise you may be entitled to BAföG.
Self-study (reading specialist literature, research for and writing of papers or theses, etc.) or online studies also count as study activities, especially in the current situation.
In exceptional cases, your parents may have to accept delays and interruptions of your studies and the resulting extension of your alimony payments. In the case of delays and interruptions of your studies, the individual case must be considered, especially if there are special reasons for delay worthy of recognition. In the present situation, which is completely unforeseeable for everyone, a delay in your studies, if it is due to official measures, is completely beyond your control. However, you should use the extended lecture-free period as time for self-study.

Life in general

The Co-Pilot on life during the corona pandemic

I am a student abroad and wanted to start my studies in Germany in the 2020 summer semester. I already have a rental contract with the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz for a room in a dormitory. Currently I cannot enter Germany. Is my tenancy agreement still valid? Can I terminate the tenancy agreement without notice?
Students who come from non-EU countries for whom there is a ban on entering Germany due to legal regulations can terminate their tenancy agreement immediately and without incurring any costs and withdraw from the contract. This only applies if you have not yet started your tenancy agreement and do not have permanent residence in Germany.

For students coming from an EU country, entry is permitted for urgent reasons with proof of necessity. This means that the tenancy agreement can be started. A withdrawal from the tenancy agreement is therefore unfortunately not possible. The contractually agreed periods of notice apply.
I'm considering taking a semester off because of the Corona crisis. What do I need to be aware of?
Watch out: There is no BAföG entitlement for a semester off - which a break from studying - because there is no study programme! Please make sure to inform yourself before taking a semester off what consequences it would have for the financing of your studies. For information on the requirements for receiving benefits according to the Social Security Statute Book II (basic security, "Hartz IV") during the semester off, you can contact our advice centre ( But it is important to note that a semester off is not a course of study; you are not allowed to take any academic performance during the semester off.
I cancelled my one-room apartment/shared room with the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz as of 31.3.2020 and actually have to move out next week. Now I am ill with Covid-19 or in quarantine. Do I have to move out?
No. We're not asking you to clear out the apartment in this situation. Even now, the enforcement law already says: The tenant's right to physical integrity has priority over the owner's/landlord's interest in eviction. Since all people are called upon to act in solidarity and to drastically reduce contacts, the tenant cannot be obliged to move out - also for the protection of others.

This also applies if you live in an apartment or a room in a shared flat or if you are subletting on the free housing market.
My tenancy agreement with the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz ends on 31 March 2020 because I wanted to move out/leave. Due to the current situation, I will stay at the university location for the summer semester 2020 and continue to study as best I can. However, my room has been sublet as of 1.4.2020. Can I keep the room after all? Or will I get another room on 1.4.2020? Can I move to another dormitory?
If the room has already been sublet, you cannot stay in the room, as there is a legally valid rental agreement for the room. Please re-apply and after confirmation of your application speak to the responsible person in our dormitory administration.

It may well be that there are still rooms available in the dormitories due to the cancellation of other students. However, at the moment we cannot guarantee that a seamless occupancy will be possible by April 1st, 2020 - or possibly a little later.


The co-pilot against worries and hardships

I am distressed - everything is closed and I really need to talk to someone!
Do it! Our advice centre is also there for you in corona-time! Just call or write a mail. Whether the problem is financial, personal, crisis-related or something completely different - we are there for you!

Write either to or call under 06341-9179-180.