BAföG - There are probably no more favourable conditions to finance your studies.

Today, studying is a full-time job. Bachelor's programmes with compulsory attendance take their toll - there is often little time left for additional income. On the other hand, if you want to study quickly, you have to keep your head clear of financial worries.

What are the monthly costs of studying?
Roughly calculated, you have to plan costs for living (housing, food, mobility, communication, free-time) and studying (books, scripts, student union fees) of at least 750.00 euros per month. These expenses must be offset by corresponding income.

So how much of this can you get from the state?
At the moment you can receive a maximum of 735 per month from the state for your studies. The exciting thing about it: As a rule, you only have to pay back 50% of it in bearable installments after completing your scholarship. Of the total amount of the loan, you have to repay a maximum of 10,000 euros - conditions that no bank can offer you.

The student unions are usually responsible for the Hochschul-BAföG - but not in Rhineland-Palatinate. Here the offices for education promotion at the universities take over this task. So talk directly to your university about BAföG.

Further information you will find here:
In any case, contact your local BAföG office for further information. Your contact for the universities in Landau, Germersheim, Ludwigshafen and Worms can be found here: