We are looking for dorm tutors

As a hadorm tutor, you take care of your dorm and your fellow tenants!
You are active as:

Contact person:
  • You are the contact person and mediator for all problems and questions that arise among your flatmates, which means:
  • Questions about life in the hall of residence can be sent to you via email or social media.
  • At the beginning of each semester, you explain everything the new residents need to know (emergency, caretaker, contact persons, rental property, notice board, rules, etc.) during a rally (one guided tour in English and one in German) through the dorm.
  • You support all students in finding their way around in their new environment: from waste separation to the family doctor. You also distribute general information material. For this purpose, you collect the recurring questions of your flatmates and pass them on to the responsible department of the Studierendenwerk.

  • At the beginning of the semester, you organise an obligatory rally through the dorm for all new residents in German and English.
  • You organise a welcome evening at the beginning of the semester.
  • Every month you organise an event in your hall of residence that promotes the community in the hall of residence (the budget for all events is provided by the Studierendenwerk, you do the costing and accounting).

  • You maintain the social media group of your dorm where information etc. is shared (in addition to the notice board) and take over the membership administration of this social media group.
  • You rent out the common room. To do this, you carry out an inspection with the tenant before handing over the keys, as well as when the room is returned.
  • You regularly edit your tutors' mailbox and maintain the corresponding Outlook calendar.

  • As a representative for the Studierendenwerk and specialist for student housing, you go to the fairs and university information days at your university location, together with a member of staff from the accommodation department. These appointments are obligatory and are additionally paid at a flat rate of 50 €/per appointment.
  • You are obliged to report on your work, including working hours, in bullet points on a monthly basis. At the end of the semester, you report briefly and informally on your work. (Number of participants, general feedback, outlook, criticism, ideas etc....)
  • You represent the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz at the freshers' fairs at your university (remuneration comes on top).

Requirements for your application:
  • You are open-minded and socially competent, reliable and willing to coordinate absences with your dormitory tutor partner and the dormitory staff.
  • You are at least business fluent in German and fluent in English.
  • You have lived in the dorm for at least one semester and will continue to live in the dorm for at least two more semesters. You should be willing to commit to at least one year as a tutor.

  • 200 € per month on the basis of marginal employment (20 hours per month).
  • For each trade fair/HIT, a flat rate of 50 € for stand supervision as well as set-up and dismantling, approximately 1-2 appointments per semester. The appointments are compulsory.