Counselling for families
A list of counselling services for families in Landau is available at:
RPTU childcare services
  • The RPTU offers individual emergency care, free off-peak care, open play hours and even subsidised summer holiday care. Just click here. The offer is only available to university staff and students!

Things to know for parents
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Counselling Centre for "Supportive Communication"
Caritas-Förderzentrum St. Laurentius u. Paulus (in the Caritas Betriebsträgerschaft Speyer)

Augmentative and Alternative Communication is a diagnostic, counselling and support service for children, adolescents and adults who are unable to communicate adequately with their environment due to a congenital or acquired impairment.
With the help of sign language, people who cannot speak are given the opportunity to improve their communicative abilities, to express themselves and to establish social contacts.
This can be achieved by means of signs, pointing boards and electronic aids, such as simple talking buttons or complex speech computers. Some users of supportive communication may also need special operating aids due to a physical disability.

Offer of an "Open Online Consultation Hour"
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