How do we work in the canteen?

The stereotypes about the cafeteria are as old as the cafeteria itself, and given those unbeatable prices - can it be freshly cooked, locally sourced or even sustainable?
Yes! In our cafeterias, cooks enjoy preparing fresh meals at work. If possible, we also shop regionally. This is not available for "cheap". The meal price is kept low with subsidies from the state and with a contribution share from the social contribution student-friendly. Thus, healthy mixed food and vegetarian and vegan dishes are served at attractive prices in the cafeterias.

Our Philosophy
Fresh ingredients prepared deliciously.
  • Freshly cooked is well eaten. The canteens are supplied daily with fresh food, storage is largely limited to dry goods (e.g. pasta).
  • Experienced chefs prepare meat, fish, vegetables and side dishes with their skilled hands in such a way that they arrive right on time for lunch. We don't cook in advance, but it is reproduced in the course of the lunchtime - even those who come at 1 pm have a freshly prepared menu on their plate.
  • Due to the mild climate on the one hand and the seasonal cafeteria menu on the other, local vegetables are served almost all year round. As a member of a purchasing cooperative of southwest German student unions, the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz benefits from attractive purchase prices - one of several prerequisites for reasonably priced canteen meals.

  • We purchase all our coffee and cocoa according to Fairtrade standards. As an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable To-Go cups, we've introduced 'ReCup', a reusable cup system.
  • In addition, the fish products of the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz come exclusively from sustainable fishing.
  • Too good for the bin: The Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz plans its daily production volume on the basis of empirical values. In this way, the food for each kitchen is not only bought with foresight. The portions are also prepared according to demand, so that only a few of the required food components have to be kept in stock.
  • According to the specifications of the quality assurance concept of the Studierendenwerk, all components not yet at the counter are recycled. In order to prevent overstocked stocks, these are kept low and fresh goods are delivered daily. Thus, no food spoils in the warehouse.

For our commitment to sustainability, the Studierendenwerk was awarded with the Rhineland-Palatinate Environmental Prize in 2019.

It's also possible without meat.
Vegan diets are becoming more and more popular, especially among young adults with a high level of education - the classic clientele of our refectories. That's why there is a vegan dish on the menu every day. And it's available as a menu at a student-friendly price.

Got curious?
On our current Menu you can always see if there is something for your taste. And if you have allergies, you can check which meals are suitable for you.