Psychological counselling

Studying isn't always easy

For many, studying is a special developmental step with many new opportunities - but also great challenges.
  • Getting a new orientation and finding your way around,
  • learning independently,
  • adequate time management,
  • confidently mastering exams,
  • finding one's way in a new living environment,
are just a few examples of the demands students face. In addition, there may be personal life crises.

Not everyone can cope with this alone. The Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz therefore offers psychotherapeutic support for students. We have a network with:
  • Psychologists in private practice in Germersheim and Landau,
  • a social pedagogue/systemic counsellor in Worms
  • the Psychological Counselling Centre (PBS) of the Mannheim Student Union in Ludwigshafen and Neustadt an der Weinstraße

Confidentiality guaranteed
Counselling is free of charge for students and the contents you discuss with us are, of course, subject to confidentiality. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact us directly. We will work together with you to find a good solution to your problem.
You can find our contact details at the bottom of the page.

Help in urgent cases
Even if we are not available, you are not alone. If you are currently in a mental health crisis and need help quickly, please contact...
  • ... the telephone counselling service - anonymous, free counselling at any time of the day or night under the nationwide telephone numbers 0800 1110111 or 0800 1110222.
  • ...or contact a clinic with a psychiatric department in your area,
  • ...or call the medical (psychiatric) on-call service (nationwide telephone number 116 117).
  • ...or call the Pfalzklinikum Klingenmünster in case of an acute crisis situation (24h). Tel: 06342-9003888


Head of social services
Manfred Kleinecke
Visiting time:
by Appointment
E-mail adress:
Contact telephone number:
+49 6341 9179 16
Xylanderstraße 17
76829 Landau
Kathrin Humbert
Visiting time:
by appointment
E-mail adress:
Contact telephone number:
Xylanderstraße 17
76829 Landau

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