Allergens - if, then declared

Allergens - if, then declared
Many guests suffer intolerances to certain ingredients. All smartphone users can view all our meals on our Web-App "My Mensa", along with the relevant additives or allergens, that they contain. so you can quickly see what's available for you on that day. However, if you still remain unsure, you can always contact our staff at the counter.
Since the end of 2014, 14 major allergens for unpackaged foods, have been subject to mandatory labelling in all EU countries. So-called loose goods, since they are eggs, peanuts, fish, gluten, crustaceans, lupins, milk/lactose, nuts, sulphur dioxide, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, soya and molluscs. According to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, there are more than two million allergy sufferers in Germany, as well as many other people with food intolerances.

Our motto is: As few additives as possible. For example, no flavour enhancers/yeast extracts - known under the name glutamate - are deliberately employed in our canteens.
We label our food and drinks in accordance with all relevant food related laws. All approved additives and allergens, which are required to be labelled, are indicated on our menus in the form of codes and food notes, as follows:

  • 1 - with colorant
  • 2 - with preserving agents
  • 3 - with antioxidant agent
  • 4 - with flavour enhancer
  • 5 - sulphuretted
  • 6 - blackened
  • 7 - waxed
  • 8 - with phosphate
  • 9 - with sweetener
  • 10 - contains phenylalanine
  • 11 - alcohol
  • R - beef
  • S - contains pork

Allergens and their products
  • Ei - eggs
  • Er - peanuts
  • Fi - fish
  • Gl - gluten
  • Kr - crustaceans
  • Lu - lupin
  • ML - milk / lactose
  • Nu - nuts
  • Sa - sesame
  • Se - celery
  • Sf - sulphite
  • Sn - mustard
  • So - soy
  • We - molluscs
Where possible we are taking action to reduce the use of additives in our foods. In order to assist our guests with any special nutrition requirements, we provide further information when and where we are able to.

Please feel free to contact our catering management if you have any further queries.