Wow, there were really many and very good ideas for saving energy in the dormitory. That's why it took us a little time to choose the best idea for the month of October.
Many of you thought beyond your own four walls and also gave good tips for saving electricity in the common areas of the dormitory, which we are of course looking into. Some things we can adjust, others are required by law (such as hallway lighting).

Raffle canteen voucher October
The first monthly prize and a Mensa voucher worth 75 euros will go to a WG in Landau's Maximilianstrasse. If they implement all the ideas, they'll get a utility allowance at the end of the month ;-)!!!

So stay tuned to the Challenge in November and send us your ideas to We'll also be able to present a baseline of the Challenge shortly, once we have the readings from all the dorm counters.
We are very excited that you have accepted the Challenge and also look forward to your ideas in November.
Energetic greetings

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