Free for you - priceless for the environment!

Studierendenwerk introduces Relevo reusable tableware.
From 01 October, the Studierendenwerk will be free of disposable tableware. From then on, you can take your food to-go with us deposit-free and completely without any costs for you. So take your lunch or salad with you and avoid the garbage can.

Deposit-free reusable tableware in the canteen
And this is how it works?
  1. Order - Pick up your food in your dining hall in the free Relevo reusable dishes.
  2. Scan - Scan the QR code on the dishes and show your scan confirmation at the serving counter.
  3. Enjoy - Enjoy your food deposit-free and wherever you want.
  4. Return - Return dishes to us at the dining hall (or any Relevo partner restaurant) by scanning the return sign at the dining hall.
You can find all the information you need about the Relevo reusable system at and you can also go ahead and download the relevo app. In the meantime, we're unscrewing all the trash cans on campus ;-)!!!
With the introduction of relevo, Studierendenwerk is 100% free of disposable tableware for food and drinks. A contribution to the environment that we are happy to make. Support us in this!

The first Relevo users from 01 October will receive a bottle of lemonaid / charitea as a gift from us. Of course only while stocks last.
We are looking forward to another step towards more sustainability and to seeing you in our canteen and cafeteria.
Your canteen and cafeteria team
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