Conversion of the cafeteria Fortstraße starts...

Since this week, the base for our new container kitchen has been floating in - piece by piece - making the dining hall and everything else around it in the Fortstraße refectory a construction site.
Hopefully soon, the container kitchen will float onto this base, from where we can cook for you in the refectory kitchen during the ongoing renovations in the new year.

Conversion of the cafeteria Fortstraße starts...
Then the dining room is not only a dining room but also a food counter. This will take a while and we will let you know when the dining hall is open again, but until then our cafeteria will be open for you to enjoy your lunch.
Just in time for Christmas, a present for us and finally the visible start signal for the urgently needed reconstruction of our canteen in Landau. It's finally starting! For us this is a very positive signal at the end of the year and gives hope for 2021.

Just in time, because last week we had to close our serving counter 2 in the refectory for the time being due to a defect and of course we hope that our time-honoured kitchen will last until we can finally serve you food from the new container kitchen.

We are very pleased that construction work is now underway and ask for your understanding if there are any short-term changes to the schedule during the work. In any case, we will continue to cook for you, if we can. So we will not let you starve...

Your Mensateam Landau
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