Rooms to let!

Cause of the Corona-Situation, some Students are not permitted to travel. So, if there is someone studying at one of our dorm-locations and still searching an apartment, can make an application - also if it is a second time!

Rooms to let!
Following rooms are to let:
Landau Godramsteiner:
Single-Apartment furnished/not furnished 265,00 €/260,00 €
Double-Apartment 260,00 €

Landau QV:
room in residentialgroup 310,00 €
Single-Apartment 310,00 €
Apartment Stundent with child 310,00 €

Single-Room 200,00 €

room in residentialgroup (female) 310,00 €

Double-Apartment (female) 270,00 €

You are intrested? Than make your application by using our online-form!
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