Pre-registration of my child for the Kita

We look forward to receiving your child's registration.
Pre-registration for our three daycare centres in Landau, Worms and Ludwigshafen is only possible via our two-stage, digital registration procedure.
And it works like this:
  1. Please fill in all fields of the registration form below. If all fields are complete, you will be redirected to the Youth Welfare Office registration by clicking on "Send registration".
  2. Please also fill in the registration form of the Youth Welfare Office completely and send it off!

Incomplete registrations will not be considered! Other pre-registrations via telephone, e-mail, mail, etc. cannot be accepted!

Please note: A pre-registration does not constitute a binding commitment. You will receive a confirmation of a place in writing from our nursery management.
Places are allocated in April/May for the following kindergarten year. The kindergarten year begins in August/September, when the school starters have vacated their places.

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