Living at your place of study - close to the university, comfortable and affordable

More than 950 students find affordable accommodation in our residences in Landau, Ludwigshafen, Worms and Germersheim. Each of our student residences has a housekeeper, who takes care of any tenant concerns and arranges all necessary repairs and maintenance work.

In addition, we have our WoTus (student tutor), who work and live in our dormitories, and are available to answer any questions their new flatmates may have about living there.

Details on furnishings, floor plans, photos, application deadlines and modalities, can be found at the individual study locations.

Below you will find information to all the dormitorys, also details on furnishings, floor plans, photos, application deadlines and modalities.

The Student Housing Department wishes you every success and a good start in your new city.

Are you already sure which residence you want to apply for? Than you can apply for a place in a dormitory here
apply for a place in a dormitory
(more infos to each dormitory see below)

You didn't get a dorm room from us? Then you can look for a private apartment at our
private accommodation service

You are looking for tips and need ideas where else you could look for a roof over your head? Then click on our
tips for finding accomodation

You already live with us and something doesn't work or is broken? Then get in touch with us! Just use the digital damage report!
Notice of Claim


You can find many answers to your questions about living with us in our
And if an answer is missing, then send us an email to

Charging your student card

Attention: The charging of your student card (e.g. for washing tokens) takes place in the main administration building at Fortstraße 7.
The building is open at the following times:
  • Mo. - Thurs. 08:00 - 15:30
  • Fri. 08:00 - 12:00

Student residence halls in Landau

Student residence halls in Ludwigshafen

Student residence halls in Worms

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