Attention: No gender separation possible in shared flats!

To all students who are interested in a shared flat in one of our halls of residence:
Due to the many changes of tenants in our halls of residence and the very limited living space, we are unfortunately unable to offer all-female or all-male shared flats.

Room assignment guidelines for the residential complexes of the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz

1. Housing entitlement
The student residences administered by the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz are primarily allocated to...
  • ...students of the University of Koblenz-Landau, the Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz, the Department of Translation, Linguistics and Cultural Studies Germersheim, the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen am Rhein and the University of Applied Sciences Worms.
  • ...students currently acting as research assistants, doctoral students, trainee teachers and students who are predominantly in gainful employment, are not entitled to a place in the residential complexes.

2. Application and processing
The Student Housing Department of the Studentenwerk is responsible for letting rooms in the residential complexes and assigning students to the individual residential complexes.
Applications for allocation of a place in the residential complexes must be submitted to the administration office...
  • ... for Landau and Germersheim by 01.03. and 01.09. of each year;
  • ... for Ludwigshafen and Worms by 01.02. and 01.08. of each year.
It is also possible to submit an application prior to being accepted for a study place. Please use the online application procedure and include all relevant documentation with your application e.g. disabled or associated medical certificates.

3. Rental policies
Allocation to students who are particularly eligible for support; priority is given to students in their first semester. Students who are particularly eligible for support due to their economic, social or personal situation, will be given preferential consideration for the residential complexes. The following order applies:
  1. Disabled students: a disability exists if the earning capacity is reduced by at least 5O%. The disability must be proven by presenting the relevant disability certification.
  2. Students with children
  3. Students without German citizenship (a minimum of 25 % of the accommodation units including a fixed contingent of the International Office)
  4. Recipients of student loans (BAföG)
  5. All other students but taking into account the distance between their primary residence and the expected place of study
The respective nationality groups should, where possible, stand numerically equal to one another and close attention is paid, to maintaining a balanced accommodation in each building.
Proof of eligibility for the BAföG must be proven.

4. Duration of residence
The duration of residence is 8 semesters. The period of residence can be extended if...
  • ...the applicant is deemed severely disabled (until the end of their studies).
  • ...the applicant is deemed worthy of further support due to their respective economic, social or personal situation. (upto a maximum of 4 further semesters)
  • ...the applicant is not a German citizen (by a maximum of 1 semester).
  • ...the applicant is in the final or masters phase of their studies (by a maximum of 2 semesters).

In addition, an extension can be granted under the following conditions, if...
  • ...the applicant has been a member of the committee for at least 2 semesters; is/has been a student tutor of the dormitory and/or a member of the committee of the student self-administration (max. 2 semesters).
  • ...the applicant has been a member of the network support team for at least 2 semesters (1 semester).

If several options exist at the same time, it should be noted that these cannot simply be added together. In such a case, the largest possible extension will be granted once only.

5. Allocation and selection procedures
The allocation of dormitory places in the student residences in accordance with point 3 above, is to be carried out by the Student Housing Department of the Studierendenwerk, in the order of the applications, as they are received.
If, after full consideration of those students particularly eligible for support (point 3), there are more applications than places remaining, these will be allocated via a raffle. This is designed to ensure equal opportunities are maintained at all times.

Landau, 30. Mai 2017

Prof. Jendrik Petersen
Chairman of the Administrative Board of the Studierendenwerk

Andreas Schülke
Managing Director of the Studierendenwerk