All bridging aid for June paid out!

Today the last payments went out, the money should be in your accounts by Monday at the latest.
We are already working hard on your applications for July, the first money will soon flow into your pockets.
For applicants, who we had to ask for additional or missing documents, it will take some more time of course. Please send us complete applications and pay special attention to complete, clear account statements, so that things can go faster for you!

Looking for a room?

The Studentenwerk Vorderpfalz opens its dormitories in Landau, Ludwigshafen, Worms and Germersheim, which have become vacant due to the Corona Pandemic, to all students:
- Without social examination
- Without time limits
- Without student status at one of our universities
All you have to be is a registered student at a university - no matter if national or international!

Studierendenwerk presents digital bulletin board!

If you don't come to the university, the university will come to you.
From now on, you can offer everything for free at that you would otherwise have pinned to the bulletin board at the university. From old guitars in the basement to looking for a bike or selling old books. On the digital bulletin board you can offer or look for whatever you want.

Freshmen, pay attention: Pick up your student card UniCard!

The Studierendenwerk issues the UniCard - your student ID - for the University of Landau from May 12th. With it you can register for exams or eat in the cafeteria. As soon as you have been informed by the University of Landau that your card is ready, you can pick it up from us.