Price increase in the canteen

For the very first time in forty years, Studierendenwerk has been forced to raise prices in the dining hall during the year.

You surely followed the news over the past few weeks and you know that energy and food prices have risen sharply and continue to do so.

Unfortunately, these price increases also have a direct impact on the Studierendenwerk and therefore - you guessed it - on all students: The food prices in the Mensa will increase from 01.10.2022.

Here are a few examples from our daily work to make the price development transparent since March 2022:
  • Fish has become 100% more expensive to purchase
  • Frying fats have become 90% more expensive
  • Pasta costs on average over 60% more
  • Electricity and gas prices have already more than doubled and further forecasts for the development of gas prices are not exactly optimistic

To all tenants: Take part in the energy saving challenge of your dormitory...

... and win a dorm party!
From October 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023, all dormitories of the Studierendenwerk and all 971 tenants in Landau, Germersheim, Ludwigshafen and Worms will compete against each other in an "Energy Saving Challenge".

Energy is rapidly becoming more expensive, and unfortunately the Studierendenwerk will have to pass on the energy costs to you as a tenant in the future. To save your own money and to keep energy affordable, there is only one sensible way: SAVE ENERGY!

So: Saving energy makes ecological, economic and social sense in order to conserve our resources. This should be incentive enough for you to actively participate in our challenge.

Free for you - priceless for the environment!

Studierendenwerk introduces Relevo reusable tableware.
From 01 October, the Studierendenwerk will be free of disposable tableware. From then on, you can take your food to-go with us deposit-free and completely without any costs for you. So take your lunch or salad with you and avoid the garbage can.

University=Stress? Workshop in German language

Lectures, exams, homework and a job on the side? If you feel stressed and don't know how to switch off, then the "TK-MentalStrategien" seminar might be just the right thing for you!
What will be done? In the stress management courses you will learn how to deal with stress in a healthy way, different relaxation techniques and how to check your stress behavior.

Work report 2021 of the Studierendenwerk

Dear Readers,

on the whole, our Annual report 2021 is an attempt to find a roadmap to our entrepreneurial future. However, as we have discovered time and again in the course of writing the texts, much of the route there is still unknown and in the dark. So, in a sense, the 2021 Works Report is not a report at all, but rather an assessment of where the Studierendenwerk stands in terms of its economic, political and its statutory situation and its future.
In the process, we have been accompanied by similar topics in all departments, which we believe will be quite essential for the functioning of a future Studierendenwerk: