Change of leadership in the Energy Saving Challenge!!!

Without mercy, the Heinigstraße dormitory in Ludwigshafen has taken up the chase and taken the lead.
RESPECT!!!! Mature performance. Awesome intermediate sprint. Epic!

Price increase in the Mensa

Customer information: From 01.01.2023, the food prices in your canteen will increase. The reason for this is the general price increases for food and energy.
A menu for students will then cost 3.50 euros.
A menu for guests will then cost 6.50 euros.

We ask for your understanding for the increase and look forward to seeing you in the Mensa!
Your university catering team

Closing times of the refectory and the cafeteria

Christmas is approaching relentlessly and with it, your refectory and cafeteria are also taking a short break. Due to illness-related absences in Landau and Neustadt a little earlier.
Our facilities are closed from (and including):
  • Mensa / Cafeteria Landau Fortstraße: 20.12. - 02.01.2023
  • Mensa / Cafeteria Landau Bürgerstraße: Closed until further notice
  • Canteen / Cafeteria Neustadt a.d.W.: 20.12. - 02.01.2023
  • Canteen / Cafeteria Germersheim: 23.12. - 08.01.2023
  • Canteen / Cafeteria Ludwigshafen: 23.12. - 08.01.2023
  • Canteen / Cafeteria Worms: 23.12. - 01.01.2023
We wish you all happy holidays, a good time with your friends and family and hope to see you again in 2023.
All the best from the Studierendenwerk

Energy Saving Challenge in your dorm: Who's taking the lead?

Of course November was colder than October!
Of course it was darker for longer!
Of course you had to sit at your desk longer than in October!
That's why it's no wonder that you all consumed more energy in November than in October. Anything else would be an energy-saving miracle, and we didn't expect one.
We compared the consumption of all halls of residence at all locations in October and November with each other, calculated a percentage average of the change per capita and then assessed how many percent you are away from this average with your halls of residence. And then a very clear, albeit preliminary, picture emerges.

Vegan refectory

  • The dining halls of the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz are strengthening their vegan offerings. From now on, a vegan lunch menu with soup, salad and dessert is available daily at all refectories in Landau, Germersheim, Ludwigshafen, Neustadt and Worms.
  • 440,000 (2019) meals were served by the canteens before the pandemic. On average, at least 50% of these were meatless at all locations. In the Landau refectory, this figure has now even risen to almost 60 per cent.
  • Studentenwerk demands more food subsidies from the state for the sustainable production of canteen food.