The Studierendenwerk presents its digital annual report 2020 at

2020 will always be a very special year for the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz. On the one hand, because it showed us all, as if under a burning glass, how vulnerable our entrepreneurial structures are, and on the other hand, because - according to Chancellor Schmidt - the true character of a company was revealed in the crisis.
As unavoidable as the loss of over 50 employees was for us as a company, as positive was the realization that the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz can also handle a crisis. We have made the best of this year and our remaining team has really given everything to somehow keep the operation together. Without the support of our administrative board and also the students at the universities, it would probably have been even more difficult.

The Studierendenwerk presents its digital annual report 2020 at [LK_N][/LK_N]
That's why our Report on Operations 2020 is not a compendium of facts and figures or a comparison with other fiscal years. It is more a reflection on how we have survived this "special" year, what we have learned from the changed situation for the Studierendenwerk, and where our position in the university landscape still needs to improve significantly. We once again proved that we are the social backbone of the students by processing the bridging aid and an immensely increased need for counseling during the pandemic.

I think the most important personal takeaway for me from the fiscal year was that higher education without presences or social interaction is doomed to failure. Despite the useful reinforcement of digital teaching, nothing can replace socializing students in their new stage of life. We see this every day in our consulting work. "Soft skills" don't come naturally! Of course, freshmen and foreign students were particularly hard hit here. We therefore demand that from the perspective of politics, society and the economy - no matter how long the pandemic keeps us in suspense - everything must be done to make as much presence on campus possible as possible. The risk of lost socialization is too great for our leaders of tomorrow.

However, since the crisis - as proverbially so often quoted - should also be used as an opportunity, this work report will be our first work report as a microsite. From now on, we will always report on our work at in German and English.

If I had to sum up the 2020 financial year in one sentence, I would probably say, loosely based on Frank Sinatra: If we can make it there we'll make it everywhere....
In this spirit, I wish you an exceptional read and look forward to questions, controversies and ideas on a education landscape of tomorrow.

Best regards and happy reading
Yours, Andreas Schülke
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