Energy Saving Challenge: The race starts!

Now the race has really begun. All semesters have started again, all halls of residence are occupied and a first picture of the energy consumption in your hall of residence can be seen.
To make this a fair challenge and so that no one has to feel that they don't stand a chance in an older dormitory with a worse energy balance, we don't evaluate the energy consumption per capita, but its change compared to the previous month.

Energy-saving challenge in the halls of residence
The per capita consumption in the halls of residence varies greatly and depends on the type of construction, the age of the hall of residence, the energy balance of the building and the technical equipment.
More modern buildings do not necessarily win, because the better energy efficiency is often compensated for by the more extensive technical equipment. That's why we do it this way in our Challenge:
  • The per capita consumption in your hall of residence in October is our starting value.
  • At the beginning of December, we compare the November value with the starting value and calculate the percentage change in your hall of residence. Example:
  • Residence A consumes 100KWh per capita in October and 94KWh per capita in November.
  • Residence B consumes 80KWh per capita in October and 78KWh per capita in November.
  • Then dormitory A is in the energy saving race with 4 per cent saved energy ahead of dormitory B with 2.5 per cent saved energy.
  • We add up the dorms' monthly totals until the end of January 2023 and then draw lots for the dorm party at the beginning of February 23.
  • Even if the winter gets bitterly cold and everyone needs more energy, the one with the smallest increase wins.

So, stay tuned, keep sending us your energy-saving ideas to and I congratulate our Landau shared flat in the Maximilianstraße hall of residence on winning the first monthly prize. We look forward to seeing you in the refectory...
We are keeping our fingers crossed and are happy that so many of you are actively participating and taking the solidarity task of saving energy seriously.

Your student housing department

PS: Our ideas competition will continue in November and there is once again a 75 euro Mensa voucher to be won. So stay tuned and send your ideas to
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