Energy Saving Challenge in your dorm: Who's taking the lead?

Of course November was colder than October!
Of course it was darker for longer!
Of course you had to sit at your desk longer than in October!
That's why it's no wonder that you all consumed more energy in November than in October. Anything else would be an energy-saving miracle, and we didn't expect one.
We compared the consumption of all halls of residence at all locations in October and November with each other, calculated a percentage average of the change per capita and then assessed how many percent you are away from this average with your halls of residence. And then a very clear, albeit preliminary, picture emerges.

Energy-saving challenge in the halls of residence
In November, the dormitory in Germersheim is ahead in terms of energy saving, closely followed by Bebelstraße in Worms and Heinigstraße in Ludwigshafen. The halls of residence in Landau are not doing so well and - with the exception of Maximilianstraße - have all moved away from the halls of residence average. And let's be honest - Godramsteinerstraße hall of residence - you can do better ;-)....

But don't worry. November was the first month of comparison and the race is sure to get a lot tighter. Stay tuned, because even if you don't win in the end, you're playing against your own utility bill. And that's where you can all only win.
In any case, we are pleased that we are receiving so many good energy-saving ideas and that we are getting positive feedback from the halls of residence about the Challenge.
Let's move on to the next round and have a wonderful pre-Christmas season.
best regards from the Studierendenwerk.
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