First cross-location day care conference

Child welfare, data protection, occupational safety and fire protection: topics that are at least as important in a daycare center as our mature pedagogical concept.

First cross-location day care conference
For several years now, we have been working closely with the child protection agency Blauer Elefant in Landau on our protection concept for the daycare children. With this professional and competent support and with the aim of further developing our concept and our teams in a sustainable way, our three day care centers have networked and worked together on this topic. A big praise to our team, which is always ready for new things and highly motivated to work hard for its day care center.

Data protection, occupational safety and fire protection: Anyone working in a daycare center today should know what is and is not possible and what needs to be taken into account - this has become much more extensive than it was a few years ago. In short: Expertise is a must. So the second part of the conference was dedicated to these three sometimes dry topics. With the support of DEKRA and our data protection officer, we were able to prepare this content to suit our daycare teams perfectly.

And of course - how could it be otherwise, when almost 40 educators* have room for exchange at one place - ideas were forged, creativity exchanged, and possibilities explored.

Thanks to a team that, with great enthusiasm, a great deal of professional competence, openness and commitment, fills the daycare centers Villa Unibunt, LUFanten and Lindwürmer with life and makes them the places of well-being they are!
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