Dear guests,

In the first week of the new year, we collected your feedback on our price increase in the canteens and would like to respond to your diverse feedback here.
First of all, we are pleased that many of you still consider a menu price of 4.00 euros to be a fair price for a complete meal with soup, main course with side dishes, salad and dessert, which it definitely is. In the world of fast food, I can get half a falafel or 1.75 cans of Coke for that price (in 2019, a yufka falafel cost €4.50 in my favourite kebab shop, now it's €7.50 or 66% more). If I compare the price increases in the canteen with the price increases in catering establishments, then we are getting cheaper and cheaper in a gastronomic comparison. You have never been able to save as much money by eating in the canteen as you can now!!!
Yes, that sounds a bit flippant and yes, we understand that even a missing 50 cents per meal can hurt your wallet. That's why we want to give you a factual explanation of how the price increase came about.

Dear guests,
In the period since 2019, our prices have risen from €2.70 to €4.00, which corresponds to an increase of 48%.
In the same period, the cost of energy, living and personnel has also risen significantly (figures from; Federal Statistical Office and from us):
  • 88.5 per cent for energy
  • In the area of consumer prices by an average of 43.5 per cent
  • 17.5 per cent for personnel.

In the same period, the subsidies from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate to subsidise canteen meals have risen by 0%.
Studierendenwerk has long made a conscious decision in favour of regional, seasonal and - where possible and affordable - sustainable and ecologically responsible food purchasing. In 2019, it received the Rhineland-Palatinate Environmental Award for this. We will continue to adhere to this decision in favour of high-quality purchasing.
A menu price of 4.00 euros seems more than fair to us and we firmly believe that we are still unbeatably cheap. Anyone who has ever tried to cook a menu for 4.00 euros per guest will be able to confirm this. Anyone who can do this is welcome to send us the recipe ;-)...

Your university catering team
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