Bridging aid ends on 30 September

To all the students whom we have been able to support in the last few months: You can still apply until 30.09.2020 for bridging assistance, then this is over for the time being.
After four months and almost 2300 applications, we have come to realize a lot: We could not help everyone and besides corona-related emergencies there are also students who always have too little money available. The DSW's statement is very appropriate for our feelings.

Bridging aid ends on 30 September
In any case, we thank you for your cooperation and also - in most cases - for your understanding when we could not do anything for you.
And whoever is still waiting for their money for August or September: In four weeks at the latest we should have processed all remaining applications.
We are looking forward to a more lively winter semester and to seeing you again on campus.
See you soon - your team from the bridging help
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