Vegan refectory

  • The dining halls of the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz are strengthening their vegan offerings. From now on, a vegan lunch menu with soup, salad and dessert is available daily at all refectories in Landau, Germersheim, Ludwigshafen, Neustadt and Worms.
  • 440,000 (2019) meals were served by the canteens before the pandemic. On average, at least 50% of these were meatless at all locations. In the Landau refectory, this figure has now even risen to almost 60 per cent.
  • Studentenwerk demands more food subsidies from the state for the sustainable production of canteen food.

vegan refectory
"The Studierendenwerk has taken a very close look at its food figures over the past few months and is following a very clear customer request by switching to a purely vegan food line. We are happy about this win-win situation when it comes to sustainability: less Co² emissions in food production, more regional and seasonal foods and the removal of ecologically questionable foods such as fish from overfished stocks," says the head of university catering - Andreas Dubiel - describing the background to the change.

With this, the Studierendenwerk is taking a further step towards a sustainable canteen. For drinks (recup, 2019) and to-go dishes (relevo, 2022), the Studierendenwerk has already been consistently and exclusively relying on reusable solutions for a long time and has been supported in meal planning by an artificial intelligence from delicious data for years.

Vegetarians were, of course, also taken into consideration. 90 per cent of the dishes in question often had only one ingredient - for example, the Parmesan cheese in the vegan Bolognese - that was not vegan. Vegetarians are then welcome to have their spoonful of Parmesan cheese added to the dish at the counter.

There is one downer, however. For some time now, the Studierendenwerk has been running up against financial limits when it comes to buying sustainable food, as organically produced food is generally more expensive than conventionally produced food. "We have long wanted the state subsidies for canteen food to increase if a Studierendenwerk can prove that it buys sustainably. This is the only way we can become even more sustainable and continue to offer affordable canteen food. We are prepared to make our purchasing transparent to the state," says Andreas Dubiel, describing his plans for the future.
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