Work report 2021 of the Studierendenwerk

Dear Readers,

on the whole, our Annual report 2021 is an attempt to find a roadmap to our entrepreneurial future. However, as we have discovered time and again in the course of writing the texts, much of the route there is still unknown and in the dark. So, in a sense, the 2021 Works Report is not a report at all, but rather an assessment of where the Studierendenwerk stands in terms of its economic, political and its statutory situation and its future.
In the process, we have been accompanied by similar topics in all departments, which we believe will be quite essential for the functioning of a future Studierendenwerk:

Andreas Schülke - Managing Director of the Studierendenwerk
  • The glaring shortage of skilled workers, from educators to kitchen assistants to IT staff.
  • Lack of political signals for subsidies in the construction of dormitories
  • An "unfinished" new daycare law
  • An official course through the pandemic that is sometimes too open to interpretation
  • An involvement of the Studierendenwerk at eye level in the essential discussions in the university environment

Even though we - and especially the great team of the Studierendenwerk - have proven to be crisis-proof and reliable over the past two years, it is now time to work together with politicians, university partners and students to concretize a secure, financially sensible and viable path into the future.
This is the second time that our Works Report has been published as a microsite, and the second time that the company's employees have had their say and reported on their course through the shoals of the pandemic and on what can and must be done now for the Studierendenwerk. You can find the 2021 Works Report online here:

Annual report 2021

We would like to thank everyone who has followed our 2021 journey and wish you an enjoyable and informative read.
I and my Communications department ( are always available to answer any questions you may have about the Works Report.

Yours, Andreas Schülke
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